Academic Advisers Write Key Chapter in New Book

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Eric White, Ed.D., executive director of Penn State's Division of Undergraduate Studies, and Marie Lindhorst, Ph.D., associate director of the division, contributed the chapter "Academic Advising" in Naijian Zhang & Associates' recent book, Rentz's Student Affairs Practice in Higher Education (4th ed.).

The book is a comprehensive overview of college student affairs development and provides the reader with historical, conceptual, and functional aspects of the student affairs field, along with an understanding of the trends and issues that practitioners face.

The chapter on academic advising, authored by White and Lindhorst, presents the history of advising since its inception during the United States' colonial period, offers evolving definitions of advising over the course of its development, and discusses the various administrative and organizational structures of advising programs, innovative uses of technology in the profession, and current academic advising issues.

Core concepts shared in the chapter include the premise that academic advising is teaching and, indeed, students " demand quality academic advising to help them with their educational plans, to assure that they are making adequate progress toward their degrees, and to assist them in meeting their educational goals within a reasonable time frame."

Additionally, as the field of academic advising continues to expand, increasing numbers of professional advisers are developing a growing body of scholarship to support and inform their practice. Organizationally, both faculty and professional staff advisers comprise the National Academic Advising Association, which the chapter indicates " has made the development of research and scholarship a priority for its members, identifying critical areas for research, providing grants and resources, and offering workshops to support members' research work."

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