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How do you find a major? What can you do to get started?

PREP for Entry into DUS

Use PREP for Entry into DUS if you are preparing to explore majors or want to change academic directions. This step-by-step guide will help you identify areas of interest, find potential majors, and discuss ideas with an academic adviser.

If you are currently enrolled in a Penn State college/major and want to change into the Division of Undergraduate Studies, complete PREP for Entry into DUS and then make an appointment to speak with a DUS academic adviser.


Find majors related to your interests! Enter a keyword or select combinations of the interest areas provided, and MajorQuest will suggest Penn State majors that include them.

Then think about what you discovered and work with an adviser to learn more.

Major Readings

The process of choosing a major is probably not what you think it is. Check out some tips and common misconceptions.