Think About Minors

What's a Minor?

Think of it as a mini-major or a concentrated "second major" with fewer required credits. Minors require a minimum of 18 credits and typically no more than 21 credits with at least 6 at the 400 level. In most cases, students do not have to be enrolled in the college that offers a particular minor.

Learn more about finding minors, learning about any special requirements/restrictions they may have, and then applying for a minor in the Undergraduate Advising Handbook section on Minors.

Where Can I Look for Minors?

Applying for a Minor

Students may declare minors after they reach their fifth semester and after they have been accepted into a major. Details are available at Declaring/Applying for a Minor.

Completing a Minor

When a student graduates, the Registrar records any minor(s) on his/her transcript, and the student receives an official certificate of completion for each.

Withdrawing From a Minor

If a student applies for a minor but does not complete it, no action is required to withdraw from it. It is simply not recorded.