Learn About Majors

Where Should You Start?

Find majors that match your interests, then learn more about them through links to the Undergraduate Bulletin, the major’s website, its Entrance-to-Major requirements, and Recommended Academic Plan.
College Information Chart
Start with a college and/or major that interests you, and then follow links to the college website, list of majors, advising resources, General Education information, Recommended Academic Plans, Entrance-to-Major requirements, the Undergraduate Bulletin, and Admissions descriptions.

What Resources And Tools Can Help?

Student Resources
The Academic Advising Portal can guide you toward academic success; point you toward helpful resources; connect you to clubs, volunteer experiences, internships, global issues, and research opportunities; and prepare you for careers and postgraduate school.
Degree Audit
Shows how the courses you have already taken meet requirements and also indicates what you still need to complete to earn a degree in a particular major.
Listservs and Newsletters
Sign up to receive emails and publications to learn about colleges and majors that interest you.