University College

ETM Requirements

Major CGPA Credits/Courses/Grades Criteria Additional Criteria

Administration of Justice (AJACC)

Administration of Justice (AJSCC)

2.00 27.1 credits  
American Studies (AMSCC) 2.00 27.1 credits See Bulletin

Business (BSBCC)

Business (BSBIC)


27.1 credits

Completion of MATH 022 or MATH 040, 041, 110, 140

Childhood and Early Adolescent Education (CEAED), Early Education PK-4 Option (PK ED) 3.00*

48 credits

Courses required with a grade of C or better:

  • ENGL 015 or 030
  • MATH 200
  • C I 295A
  • EDPSY 014
  • EDTHP 115
  • HD FS 229
  • 3 credits of GQ
  • 3 credits of Literature
  • 3 credits of GN

Qualifying scores on the PECT-PAPA reading, writing, and mathematics tests*

80 hours of education work experience*

See Teacher Education Programs for additional criteria

Communication Arts and Sciences (CASCC) 2.00 27.1 credits  
Communications (COMCC) 2.00 27.1 credits  
Corporate Communication (CCCC) 2.00 27.1 credits 2.00 CGPA in any courses already taken in the major
English (ENGCC) 2.00 27.1 credits  
Human Development and Family Studies (HFSCC) 2.00 27.1 credits  
Information Sciences and Technology (ISSCC) 2.00

Approximately 60 credits

Courses required with a grade of C or better:

  • IST 110
  • IST 210
  • IST 220
At Beaver, Lehigh Valley, Schuylkill and Wilkes-Barre, IST 110, IST 210 and IST 220 must be completed by the end of the semester during which the entrance-to-major procedure is carried out. For the timeline at other University College locations, contact the IST representative at that location.
Letters, Arts, and Science (LASCC) 2.00 27.1 credits  
Organizational Leadership (OL BS) 2.00 27.1 credits Adult learner enrollment only
Psychology (PYSCC)
Psychology (PYACC)
2.00 27.1 credits  
Rehabilitation and Human Service (RHSCC) 2.00 27.1 credits  
Science (SCICC), General Science Option (GEN) and Life Science Option (LIFE) 2.00

27.1 credits

Courses required with a grade of C or better:

MATH 140

At least two of the following courses with a grade of C or better:

  • BIOL 110
  • CHEM 110
  • PHYS 211 or 250


Courses in bold require a grade of C or better.

* CGPA, PECT-PAPA, and 80-hours requirement must all be met by end of third semester; course requirements must be met by end of fourth semester.