ETM Process on eLion

Students who are not in majors at the beginning of their pool semester (usually spring of the sophomore year) will be included with other applicants in that semester's entrance-to-major (ETM) process.

Confirming Majors

Students in each spring pool semester will receive an e-mail from the Registrar's office instructing them to confirm their major and campus preferences by the prescribed deadline in February. Each student may identify up to three majors in order of preference by clicking on the Entrance-to-Major link on eLion and following directions.

Identifying a Campus

Penn State offers majors at campuses throughout the Commonwealth. If a student's preferred major is located at more than one campus, he/she must indicate a campus choice when completing the Entrance-to-Major application.

Receiving Notification

After the selection process, students are notified by e-mail that they have been accepted, accepted conditionally, or denied entrance to their desired major. Students receive this notification before the fall registration period begins. Students accepted into a major are enrolled in that major with no further action. Students who are denied their choices should contact their academic advisers to discuss other possible majors.