College of Earth & Mineral Sciences

Entrance to College

The requirements to enter the college in general, premajor status are:

  • 2.00 cumulative grade-point average (CGPA)

ETM Procedures

To discuss how to enter this college/major, contact the appropriate Academic Advising Center.

2015 ETM Pool

(students entering Penn State SU13, FA13, SP14)

Major CGPA Credits/Courses/Grades Criteria
Earth Science and Policy (EARSP) 2.00 27.1 credits
Earth Sciences (EARTH) 2.00 27.1 credits
Energy, Business, and Finance (EBF) 2.00

27.1 credits

Courses required with a grade of C or better:

  • MATH 140
  • ECON 102
Energy Engineering (ENENG) 2.00 27.1 credits
Environmental Systems Engineering (ENVSE) 2.00 27.1 credits
Geobiology (GEOBI) 2.00 27.1 credits

Geography (GEOBA)

Geography (GEOBS)

2.00 27.1 credits

Geosciences (GSCBA)

Geosciences (GSCBS)

2.00 27.1 credits
Materials Science and Engineering (MATSE) 2.00 27.1 credits
Meteorology (METEO) 2.00 27.1 credits
Mining Engineering (MNG E) 2.00 27.1 credits
Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering (PNG E)* 3.00*

27.1 credits

Courses required with a grade of C or better:

  • MATH 140
  • MATH 141
  • CHEM 110
  • CHEM 112
  • PHYS 211


Courses in bold require a grade of C or better.

* This major is under administrative enrollment controls. Students must complete all required courses by the end of the entrance-to-major pool semester and must confirm their major choices by the published deadline for the ETM process. To be considered for an enrollment-controlled major, students must be in the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences or DUS at the time they confirm their major selection. Students must have the stated CGPA at the end of the semester preceding the pool semester to be guaranteed entrance to this major. However, "If there is still space after all of the students who meet these criteria have been accepted, selections are made from the remaining students in the pool of applicants, starting with the highest GPA, until the approved maximum number of students to enter the major is reached. No student with less than a 2.00 cumulative GPA is accepted" (Undergraduate Advising Handbook).