Program Assistant Position

DISCOVER House is a special living option sponsored by the Division of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) and the Office of Residence Life. The house is designed for first-year students who are interested in exploring a number of academic majors before choosing one. Exploratory students in any college may participate, though it is expected that most will be enrolled in DUS. A variety of house programs and activities will aim to assist students in the exploration process. For more information about DISCOVER House, visit

In addition to the Resident Assistant (RA), the floor has a Program Assistant (PA). The PA will live in the house (Beaver Hall, in the Pollock Halls area) and assist DUS staff with program planning and implementation. Compensation is room, board, and a stipend. Because of the responsibilities of this position, the PA may not have another job during the fall and spring semesters. It is not typically possible for the PA to have regularly scheduled evening classes.

The qualifications for this position are:

  • a high level of maturity exhibited in sound judgement and willingness to accept responsibility
  • an outgoing personality and ability to motivate others
  • strong interpersonal skills and proven ability to interact effectively with others
  • awareness and sensitivity to various human relations issues
  • demonstrated experience in program planning and implementation
  • good conduct standing with the University
  • a strong academic record
  • an appreciation of the value of general education as a part of every degree program
  • a strong commitment to helping first-year students in their transition to college
  • evidence of having pursued his/her own educational planning in a thoughtful manner
  • experience working collaboratively with faculty and/or staff
  • experience as a DUS student (preferred but not required)
  • Discover House "active status" or equivalent campus engagement

Responsibilities for the position:

  • being generally available and visible to students, especially during the evening hours
  • becoming well acquainted with and get to know the academic interests of the students in the house
  • providing input and assistance to DISCOVER House Program Coordinator on program development
  • promoting and motivating DISCOVER House students to attend programs (e.g., college information sessions, University events, faculty lunches, advising workshops, house programs, tours of various campus academic resource centers)
  • making logistical arrangements for programs and events each semester
  • working collaboratively with the RA to create bulletin board displays which are directly related to the goals of the program
  • serving as a liaison with DUS, participating in ongoing meetings with the Program Coordinator
  • sponsoring activities which include University faculty and staff
  • being available as an academic resource person

Application forms and information for references are available online. A résumé, completed application, and recommendations are due by January 20, 2014.