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 An Index to Select Advising Information on ISIS

This page lists a variety of academic information that is available through ISIS (Integrated Student Information System) and indicates on which ISIS screens the information can be found. Not all faculty/staff will have access to all of these screens.

 Information ISIS Screen(s)
Academic actions (drop, withdrawal, etc.)ARISBA
Academic drop (for unsatisfactory scholarship)ARISBA
Academic holdsARISL
Academic warningARISC
Addresses (permanent, local)ARISPA
Admissions informationAURU
Advanced standing courses 
   institution codeAUOX
   evaluation ofAUB
Advisees, roster of assignedARUSAA
Adviser commentsARUEC
Adviser contact (FAIS screen)ARUEA
Advisers, list of (by campus and department/major)ARUSAB
Alpha student look-upAMIA
AP credit (use CWIPSE code 88001)AUII
Athlete (sport) codeARUEA
Averages (history of SGPAs and CGPAs)ARISAS
Calendar, UniversityAMIX
Campus of attendanceARUSEI
Change of campusARUSBC, ARUSBB
Change of majorARUSAD, ARUSBB
Class list (names of students enrolled in a course)ARICC
Class meeting dates, times, placeARUAC
Comments, adviserARUEC
Confidentiality, record of request forARISPP
Controls, courseARURX
   information (Gen Ed, Diversity, etc.)ARUCU
   registration countsARIRC
   schedule numberARUAC
   section informationARUAC
   currently enrolled inARUSEI
   taken in high schoolAUOG
   transfer/advanced standingAUZX; AUB
Credits (attempted, earned)ARISC
Cumulative grade point average (CGPA)ARISAS
Current scheduleARUSEI
Curricular goalsARUEA
Date of birth ARUSEI
Date of student's last recorded contact with an adviser     ARUEA
Dates, class meetingARUAC
Dates, course drop/addARIRP
Deadlines, UniversityAMIX
Deferred gradesARISC
Deficiencies, grade pointARISC
Deficiency, foreign languageAURU
   processing datesARIRP
   screen to processARURD
Dropped for unsatisfactory scholarshipARISBA; ARISC
ETM (entrance to major) 
   sophomore application choices, decisionARUEA, ARUES
FAIS (Freshman Academic Information Support) screens
   adviser commentsARUEC
   adviser contactARUEA
   EPS dataARUEB
Final exam scheduleARUSEF
Foreign language deficiencyAURU
Foreign languages taken in high schoolAUOG
   dates (testing, advising, Profile)AURV
   test scoresAURV
Goals, curricularARUEA
Grade point average 
   high schoolAURU
Grade point deficienciesARISC
Grade points earnedARISC
   PSU courses, by semesterARISC
   earned in high school courses (pre-1995 admits)AUOG
Graduated (“degree conferred”)ARISTM
Graduation date, high schoolAURU
Graduation information (list by major by semester)ARIGA
High school 
   informationAURU; AUOG
   averageAURV; AURU
History of course registration (by semester)ARIRS
Holds, academicARISL
“Home” (permanent) addressARISPA
Interview summary (FAIS screen)ARUEA
Last enrolled, semesterARISPP
Late drop 
   credits allowedARURD
   credits remainingARUSEI
   credits usedARURD
Late drop deadline (by course)ARIRP
Leave of absence (dates)ARISPP
Local addressARISPA
Major, current academicARUSEI; ARUEA; ARISAD
Max time semesterARUEA
Meeting times, classARUAC
Minor, students approved to graduate with a specificARIGB
Names of students 
   enrolled in a classARICC
   approved to graduate (by major)ARIGA
   approved for a minorARIGB
Openings in a specific class/sectionARIRC
Option (within a major)ARISAD; ARIGA
Personal information 
   to be kept confidential ARISPP
Petition for reinstatement, status ofARISBR
Predicted grade point average (from high school record)AURV; AURU
“Prep Sheet” (EPS data)ARUEB
Provisional-to-degree statusAURU
Pool, sophomore ETMARUEA; ARUES
Post-secondary transcriptAUOX
Re-enrollmentARUPP; ARUSBE
Roster, assigned advisingARISAA; ARUSAA
   courses, meeting times, room locationsARUSEI
   history of advance registration, drop/add, etc.ARIRS
Schedule number, courseARUAC
Scholar, Schreyer (former/current)ARISPP; ARUEA
Section change, screen to do aARURD
Sections (of a course) openARIRC
   grade point average (SGPA)ARISAS
   grade reportARISC
   last enrolledARISAS; ARISPP
Sophomore Application to MajorARUES
Sport (athlete) codeARUEA
Student ID number(s) (PSU ID)AMIA
Telephone numbers 
   “home” (permanent)ARISPA
Test scores, FTCAPAURV
Time, class meetingARUAC
   academic summaryARISAS
   courses/grades by semesterARISC
   high schoolAUOG
   to print a full transcriptARISTU
Transfer course credits (advanced standing) 
   institution codeAUZX; AUOX
Transfer credits 
   (to evaluate courses at other institutions)AUII, AUTT
Transfer-in semesterARISAD
University CalendarAMIX
Warning, academicARISC
Withdrawal (date, reason for, etc.)ARISBA

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