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 ISIS Codes

The tables on this page provide a brief interpretation of a variety of codes related to student records that appear on ISIS screens and on reports that are generated from ISIS. No attempt has been made here to provide an interpretation of the codes beyond the description that has been obtained from the ISIS data dictionary.

Additional lists of ISIS codes can be found in Penn State's Data Warehouse ISIS Codeset Listing.


Admission Types
02ADVSTAdvanced Standing
04REAGRReadmit for graduation
06REIGRReinstate for graduation
07PROV Provisional
08PROVAProvisional advanced
10PNTDGProvisional/nondegree to degree
11HSNDGHigh school nondegree
30CLADMCapital admit
31CLRADCapital reinstate/admit
32CLPTDCapital provisional/nondegree to degree
33CLCYECapital common year entry
34CLREACapital readmit
35CLRGRCapital readmit for graduation
36CLRERCapital reinstate/readmit
37CLRIGCapital reinstate for graduation
38CLPROCapital provisional
50GRNEWGraduate new
51GRCHGGraduate readmit - degree to degree
52GRESUGraduate resume studies
53GRNDDGraduate readmit - nondegree to degree
60HERSHEY MED ADMITHershey medical admit
70LWNEWLaw new
71LWRADLaw readmit
71LWADVLaw advanced standing

AMPS (ETM) Codes
CConditionally approved
DDenied (below cut-off)
EBelow 2.00 CGPA
FFailed AMPS audit (missing course)
NRequested noncontrolled major
blankno action

Campus Codes
AAAltoona campus
ANLehigh Valley campus
BDPenn State Erie, The Behrend College
BKBerks campus
BRBeaver campus
CLPenn State Harrisburg, The Capital College
DEBrandywine campus (formerly Delaware County campus)
DNCarlisle campus
DSDuBois campus
FEFayette campus
HNHazleton campus
HYMilton S. Hershey Medical Center
KPPenn State Great Valley
MAMont Alto campus
MKGreater Allegheny campus
NKNew Kensington campus
OZAbington campus
PCPennsylvania College of Technology campus
SLSchuylkill campus
SVShenango campus
UPUniversity Park campus
WBWilkes-Barre campus
WDWorld Campus
WSWorthington Scranton campus
XCState College Continuing Education
XPKeller Conference Center at University Park
XSForeign Studies Program
YKYork campus

College Codes
AAA & AArts and Architecture
ABABAbington College
AGAGAgricultural Sciences
ALALAltoona College
BAB ABusiness
BCB COLBehrend College
BLBLBerks College
CAC COLCapital College
CCCCUniversity College
DUD U SDivision of Undergraduate Studies
EMEM SCEarth and Mineral Sciences
GNGR NDGraduate Non-Degree
GVGVSchool of Graduate Professional Studies
HDH DEVHuman Development
HHH H DHealth and Human Development
HPHP ERHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation
IAIASchool of International Affairs
ICI COLIntercollege Undergraduate Programs
IDI DISInterdisciplinary Graduate Programs
ISI S TInformation Sciences and Technology
LAL AThe Liberal Arts
LWLAWDickinson School of Law
MDMEDCollege of Medicine
MSROTCReserve Officers Training Corps
NRNRSchool of Nursing
UNUG NDUndergraduate Non-Degree
XXREGThis code does not represent a valid college but rather establishes a college-like unit for purposes of sorting to which items can be assigned that are required but do not belong to a particular college. Assigned to Registrar.

Hold Codes: Reason
AEAthletic equipment
ARAcademic renewal
BLBernreuter loan
CEContinuing Education
CPComprehensive Studies
CRCorrespondence course
CSConduct Standards
DADickinson School of Law (Admissions)
DCDickinson School of Law (College)
DIGraduate programs declared inactive
DLDelinquent account
ELEmergency loans
FBFoods Building
GAGraduate Admissions hold
GFGraduate Fellowship Office
GPGraduate Programs Office
GSGeneral Sales
HFHousing and Food
ISInternational Students
NDDropped from non-degree status
NLNDSL loans
NONondegree over limit
PCPsychological Clinic
P1Graduate school provisional 1 hold
P2Graduate school provisional 2 hold
P3Graduate school provisional 3 hold
P4Graduate school provisional 4 hold
RARe-enrollment advising
RIReturned item
SLUniversity loans
TFTraffic insufficient funds
TNTranscript fee not paid
TPTraffic parking privileges
TRTraffic delinquent parking violations
UAUniversity apartments
UDUniversity department
WOWrite off - turned over to collection agency
XLExit interview; exit hold - loans and scholarships

Hold Codes: Source
AAArts and Architecture
ABAbington College
AEAthletic Office
AGAgricultural Sciences
ALAltoona College
BABusiness (Smeal)
BBBursar, batch
BCBehrend College
BLBerks College
BUBursar, on-line
CACapital College
CCUniversity College
CEOutreach Office; Continuing Education Conference Center
CSComprehensive Studies
DUDivision of Undergraduate Studies
EMEarth and Mineral Sciences
ERRegistrar - Enrollment Services
ESRegistrar - Enrollment Services
GRGraduate School
GVGreat Valley
HEHealth Services
HFHousing and Food
HHHealth and Human Development
HSHealth Services
IAInternational Affairs
ICIntercollege Undergraduate Programs
IDInterdisciplinary Graduate Programs
INInternational Students
ISInformation Sciences and Technology
JAJudicial Affairs
LALiberal Arts
LSLoans and Scholarships Office
PCPsychological Counseling
RERegistrar FINL; Registrar's Office
RGRegistrar ACAD; Registrar's Office
TRTraffic Office

Registration Status Codes
CANADMAdministrative cancellation of registration
CANINDCancel Correspondence Course Registration
CANPDCPaid cancel of admissions offer
CANSCHStudent's schedule was cancelled
EXPCTStudent is expected to enroll
REGADVAdvanced registration
REGINDCorrespondence registration only
REGISTRegular registration
REGLATLate registration - after 10 days
SCHEDSchedule student's courses
TERM-DStudent terminated by department
TERM-MProgram terminated
WITH-CWithdrew - Counseling
WITH-FWithdrew for financial reasons
WITH-IWithdrew - Independent Learning
WITH-MWithdrew for medical reasons
WITH-OWithdrew for unspecified reasons
WITH-RWithdrew with retroactive Senate approval
WITH-SWithdrew for scholastic reasons
WITH-TWithdrew - Transfer
WITH-UWithdrew - Summer only
WITH-XWithdrew - Military
WTHDRLWithdrawal - Lopped over

Residence Codes
AResident of PA, post office across border
DParents divorced/separated, parent residence = PA
FForeign student on temporary visa, residency = non-PA
GParent/student working for government, residency is PA
IPermanent resident immigrant, legal residence = PA
JPermanent resident immigrant, residency = non-PA
KNon-PA residency but pay PA tuition rate
MParent/student in military service, residency = PA
NNon-Pennsylvania resident
PPennsylvania resident
TTemporarily working out of PA, but residence is PA

Scholars Codes
0Under consideration
2Former scholar
3Graduated as a scholar
blankNot a scholar

Semester Classification Codes
01Undergraduate students who have earned 0–13 credits
02Undergraduate students who have earned 13.1–27 credits
03Undergraduate students who have earned 27.1–43 credits
04Undergraduate students who have earned 43.1–59 credits
05Undergraduate students who have earned 59.1–75 credits
06Undergraduate students who have earned 75.1–91 credits
07Undergraduate students who have earned 91.1–107 credits
08Undergraduate students who have earned 107.1–123 credits
09Undergraduate students who have earned 123.1–139 credits
10Undergraduate students who have earned 139.1–155 credits
11Undergraduate students who have earned 155.1 or more credits
C1First-semester law students
C2Second-semester law students
GRAll graduate majors including nondegree
IPIntegrated graduate/undergraduate program
J1Junior first-semester law students
J2Junior second-semester law students
LWNondegree law students
MDAll medical majors
MGIntegrated medical/graduate program
M1Middler first-semester law students
M2Middler second-semester law students
NCNondegree conditional undergraduate students
NRNondegree regular undergraduate students
PRAll provisional students
S1Senior first-semester law students
S2Senior second-semester law students

Sport Codes
001Basketball (W)
002Fencing (W)
003Field Hockey (W)
004Golf (W)
005Gymnastics (W)
006La Crosse (W)
007Softball (W)
008Swimming (W)
009Tennis (W)
010Outdoor Track (W)
011Volleyball (W)
012Cross country (W)
013Indoor track (W)
014Soccer (W)
020Baseball (M)
021Basketball (M)
022Fencing (M)
023Football (M)
024Golf (M)
025Gymnastics (M)
026La Crosse (M)
027Soccer (M)
028Swimming (M)
029Tennis (M)
030Outdoor Track (M)
031Volleyball (M)
032Wrestling (M)
033Cross Country (M)
034Indoor Track (M)
040Cheerleaders, co-ed
041Dance team, co-ed
042Ice hockey (W)
043Rugby (W)
046Ice hockey (M)
047Rugby (M)
050Basketball (W), non-UP
051Field Hockey (W), non-UP
052Golf (W), non-UP
053Softball (W), non-UP
054Tennis (W), non-UP
055Volleyball (W), non-UP
056Soccer (W), non-UP
057Cross Country (W), non-UP
058Track and Field (W), non-UP
059Swimming (W), non-UP
060Cheerleading (co-ed), non-UP
061Cross Country (co-ed), non-UP
062Golf (co-ed), non-UP
063Tennis (co-ed), non-UP
070Baseball (M), non-UP
071Basketball (M), non-UP
072Cross Country (M), non-UP
073Golf (M), non-UP
074La Crosse (M), non-UP
075Soccer (M), non-UP
076Tennis (M), non-UP
077Volleyball (M), non-UP
078Track and Field (M), non-UP
079Swimming (M), non-UP
080Water Polo (W), non-UP
081Water Polo (M), non-UP
100Bowling (W), club
101Cycling (W), club
102Equestrian (W), club
103Racquetball (W), club
104Rifle (W), club
105Rugby (W), club
106Alpine Skiing (W), club
107Soccer (W), club
120Bowling (M), club
121Boxing (M), club
122Cycling (M), club
123Ice Hockey (M), club
124Rifle (M), club
125Racquetball (M), club
126Rugby (M), club
127Alpine Skiing (M), club
128Volleyball (M), club
129La Crosse (M), club
149Dance (co-ed), club
150Soccer (W), club, non-UP

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