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Registration Tips

  • When to register? On your first day to register for the upcoming semester, you can start registering on eLion at 12:01 a.m. The system closes down at 3:00 a.m. and is up again at 7:30 a.m. Remember, this is only the first day you can register, not the last. Keep trying! You can change your schedule through the drop/add deadline.

  • Class full?

  • “Cross-listed” courses? When a course is cross-listed, as indicated in the University Bulletin course description [e.g., WMNST 008 (GH) (PHIL 008)], spaces are set aside in multiple departments (in this example, the women's studies department and the philosophy department). If there are no spaces left in one of the departments, try the cross-listed department(s).

  • Course controls? If a course/section you'd like to schedule is listed in the Schedule of Courses as having controls, click on the View Controls link to find out who can (or cannot) schedule the course/section. If you can't schedule a controlled course, call the department offering the course to find out if it might be possible. The phone number is usually listed on the View Controls link.

  • Error message? If you receive an error message when you enter all of your course numbers at once on eLion, re-enter the six-digit schedule number for the course(s) you didn't get to find out why you couldn't schedule them.

  • eLion problems? If you're having trouble registering on eLion, contact the Registrar's office.

  • Searching for particular course characteristics? If you're looking for a particular kind of course or a course at a particular day/time, you can search for it using the Advanced Course Search options in the Schedule of Courses. You can search for the following kinds of courses:

    • General Education courses (by category)
    • Courses offered by specific colleges
    • Honors courses
    • Writing-intensive courses
    • First-year seminar courses
    • Web courses
    • U.S. Cultures courses
    • International Cultures courses
    • Other Cultures courses
    • Courses with specific start/ending dates/times
    • Courses that meet on specific days of the week

    The search can identify either all sections/courses that meet your criteria or only those courses that have open sections.

  • Searching for specific course? By selecting a course abbreviation/name and number, or course title, or the first letter of a course, the Main Course Search in the Schedule of Courses will display all sections of the requested course that are being offered.

  • Need help? If you're having trouble registering, review the registration instructions provided by the Registrar's office. If you still have trouble, contact your adviser.

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