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Lesson 10: What activities will help me learn more about majors and careers?

Purpose: To introduce activities that will help you in developing your educational and career plans.

The activities below will help you learn more about:
  • the focus of the majors you're considering
  • your interests and abilities as they relate to majors and careers
  • strategies to increase or enhance your career opportunities

Suggested activities
  • Join student organizations or just attend a few meetings.
  • Check out undergraduate research opportunities.
  • Ask for course syllabuses from the department.
  • Sign up for college/major listservs, newsletters, etc..
  • Go to college/major open houses, workshops, and related events. (Watch your e-mail for weekly DUS NEWS announcements.)
  • Talk to juniors/seniors (at club meetings, major-related events, upper-level classes, etc.).
  • Talk to college/major academic advising resources.
  • Get in touch with University-wide advising contacts.
  • Attend events (lectures, performances, educational programs and seminars, student activities, etc.).
  • Google faculty members to learn more about their interests, areas of expertise, research topics, publications, etc.
  • Read Major Decisions for additional ways to learn about majors and careers through interest inventories, Career Services, a decision-making course, Web resources, and more.
See the student example for more information.

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