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Lesson 5: How can a “degree audit” help me explore majors?

Purpose: To help you understand the focus and content of a major by analyzing the characteristics of required courses and relating them to your personal characteristics.

This lesson requires you to obtain, read, and interpret a degree audit. Because using a degree audit the first time can be confusing, you may want to meet with your adviser to do this lesson. If so, schedule an appointment to meet with your adviser sometime in October. Bring your completed assignments from lessons 2, 3, and 4 to your appointment.

If you feel comfortable doing the assignment for this lesson on your own, follow the instructions below and complete the lesson by the end of October in preparation for Lesson 7.

For help completing this lesson, view the student example.

Requesting and Using a Degree Audit

  1. Look at your worksheet from the assignment in Lesson 4 and select one major that still interests you.

  2. Use eLion to request a “degree audit” for that major. (Refer to Degree Audit Request for Alternative Majors [Majors To Explore] for step-by-step instructions.)

  3. Print the audit.

  4. Look at the courses on your audit in the sections titled “College Requirements,” “Major Requirements,” and/or “Option Requirements.” (Note: The audits for some majors do not include all three sections.)

    To determine how well these courses relate to your personal characteristics, ask yourself the following questions while using the resources below.

    Questions to ask yourself about each course
    1. Does this course sound interesting to me?
    2. Do I have the ability to do well in this course?
    3. Is this something I want to learn about?
    Resources to help you answer the questions
    • Read the course descriptions in the Bulletin.
    • Contact the department see if a syllabus is available.
    • Go to a bookstore and look through the textbooks.
    • Sit in on a few classes now if the courses are offered this semester. (Ask the instructor's permission.)

  5. Circle the courses on your audit that closely relate to your personal characteristics and explain how they relate.

Additional Resources for Exploring Majors
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