eLion Advising Notes and ISIS Screen ARUEA

Summarizing an Advising Contact

The narrative immediately below describes an advising appointment with John, a fictional student, and Xavier Y. Ziegler, a fictional adviser. Shown at the bottom of this page is an example of how this advising contact might be summarized on ARUEA/eLion Advising Notes using the appropriate codes.

The Narrative

John is a new, first-semester student enrolled in the Division of Undergraduate Studies. He made this appointment to discuss the advisability of dropping Math 110 from his fall schedule. He has already failed two major exams in the course and won't be able to earn a passing final grade even if he earns an "A" on the final exam. I asked John if he had spoken to his instructor about this, and he said that the instructor had actually suggested that he consider dropping the course. John stated that Math 110 was much more difficult than he had anticipated and that in general he had not been prepared for the amount of outside work he would experience in college courses. Although he has fallen behind in Math, he is doing fine in his other courses this semester. He had originally been considering majors in the Smeal College of Business, which is why he had scheduled Math 110, but has now decided against those programs after doing some investigation on his own. Now he is considering majoring in English or some other Liberal Arts major, or possibly Secondary Education (English option).

We discussed the policies regarding late drop including the 16-credit late drop limit, the $6 fee, and late drop codes on his transcript. John will still be enrolled in 12 other credits this semester even after dropping Math 110, so part-time status will not be an issue for him. He does receive financial aid, however, so he will want to be certain to earn enough credits in spring semester to be eligible for his sophomore year aid.

Because he is doing so poorly in Math 110 and has verified that he has no chance of passing the course, I advised him to late drop it. I processed the late drop for him and gave him a copy of his revised schedule. I also explained that, as an alternative in the future, he could receive expert advice and process a late drop through eLion.

We did not have much time left to discuss John's new curricular and vocational interests. I suggested that we meet again before his first day to register to discuss his course selections for spring semester. I also referred him to some websites and to the Career Services office for information about these new majors of interest and possible related careers.

The Contact Summary
ARUEA Field Description Codes Entered Interpretation
DATE Date 030610 March 6, 2010
ADVRAdviser code XYZ99 Xavier Y. Ziegler
COLL College DU Division of Undergraduate Studies
CONTENT Content AD, DA, FA, CC, R Academic difficulty, drop/add, financial aid, curricular choice, referral
REF Referral EM, CD Electronic media, Career Services
TC Type of contact   I Individual interview
XP Exploring? Y Yes
CURRICULAR GOAL Curricular Goal ENGL, L A, SECED ENGCO English, other Liberal Arts majors, Secondary Education–English/Communications option