eLion Advising Notes and ISIS Screen ARUEA

Summarizing Advising Contacts


In many advising contacts, the adviser will refer the student to other resources for additional information or assistance. When such referrals are made, the adviser should record the appropriate codes to indicate to which resources the student was referred. Referral codes are to be recorded only when R is used as one of the interview content codes. If more than two codes are needed to describe all of the referrals that occurred during the interview, the adviser should select codes for the two most important referrals, or select one code for the most important referral and use an M (miscellaneous) to represent all of the other referrals.

In campus/college locations where the specific offices listed below are not present, the codes may be used to indicate referrals to individuals representing those offices or functions.

Referral (REF) Codes)
AAdmissions Office
ACCollege advising center/student services center
ADAdult student services
ALAlumni office (college or University)
CDUS Programs Coordinator
CACampus representatives
CCCollege Contact Person (CCP) or College Contact and Referral Representative (CCRR)
CDCareer Services
CEContinuing Education
CICollege international programs office
CPCollege career placement office
CRCollege Representatives, or Associate Dean's Office (UP)
DEDepartment, academic (general office, advising office, adviser)
DSDisability services
DUDUS Advising Center in Grange Building (University Park) or a specific DUS adviser in Grange
EAEducation Abroad
EMElectronic media (online sources of advising information such as eLion and the Web)
FAFinancial aid (Student Aid)
FDFaculty adviser, student's assigned
FMFaculty member (not the student's assigned adviser)
HHealth services (for physical or psychological issues)
IInstructor in a course in which student is enrolled
ILWorld Campus
INInternship/co-op/student teaching office
LALearning assistance centers or other forms of academic support services
MMiscellaneous (other persons or offices not listed here)
MCMinority coordinator (college) or other minority student representative
MRMulticultural Resource Center
OCOff-campus (any non-University person, office, or service)
PLPre-law adviser/advising center
PCCollege program coordinators (faculty members in charge of degree programs at a campus)
PMPremed adviser/advising center
SAStudent's assigned professional academic adviser
UFUniversity Fellowships Office
USSchreyer Honors College
VAVeteran's Affairs
WCWriting Center