eLion Advising Notes and ISIS Screen ARUEA

Managing Max-Time Status  (DUS students only)

Note: The following information pertains only to ISIS screen ARUEA. It is not possible to update a student's max-time status on eLion.

When adding or changing the max-time semester for a student enrolled in DUS, it is not always necessary to create a new advising contact record. If a contact record already exists, it can be edited to update just the max-time status without changing any of the other details of the record. If it is important to know when a student's max-time status has been entered or changed, a separate contact record can be created for the sole purpose of recording the max-time update.

To enter or change a student's max-time status without adding another contact record, tab to the MAX DUS field and key in the correct max-time semester. Tab to the blank line below the STUDENT INTERVIEW RECORD line and follow the procedures for changing an existing contact, re-keying the details of the record exactly as they appear on the screen. When you press the Enter key, only the max-time status will change.

To enter or change a student's max-time status by adding a new contact record, you will first need to create a max-time adviser code on screen ARUSAB. The code should consist of the letters MAX followed by the two-digit campus number (e.g., for the DuBois campus the max-time adviser code would be MAX07; for the York campus, the code would be MAX19). On ARUSAB, enter the word TIME for the first name and MAX for the last name. You may leave the other fields blank.

After creating the max-time adviser code on ARUSAB, follow the directions for entering an advising contact on ARUEA. Use the max-time adviser code for the ADVR field, and key in M (miscellaneous) for the content code and X (miscellaneous/other) for the type of contact code. Be sure to carry over the explore code and curricular goals from the previous interview (if any).