eLion Advising Notes and ISIS Screen ARUEA

Data Management

Changing an Existing Advising Contact

Occasionally, there may be a need to change or correct an advising contact that was entered previously. Any of the fields of an existing contact record can be changed. Follow the procedures listed below to change a record on screen ARUEA. To change an advising contact through eLion, follow the procedures listed in the help document for the Advising Notes application.
  1. In the ACTN field, key in an S. For the ID field, key in the appropriate student's ID number and then press Enter.

  2. If necessary, press the F8 key until the record you want to change is displayed in the Student Interview Record section of the screen.

  3. In the ACTN field, key in a C.

  4. Tab to the blank line immediately below the STUDENT INTERVIEW RECORD line. Re-key all of the data for the existing interview that you want to change, including the old data that is still correct as well as the new (corrected) data.

  5. Tab to the blank space to the left of the existing contact record that you wish to change. Key in an X in that blank space and press Enter.
The old record next to the letter X will be replaced by the new record that you just entered.

Deleting an Existing Advising Contact

It is not possible to delete an existing contact record. The only way to eliminate the data in an existing record is to replace it (edit it) by keying in different information in its place (see Changing an Existing Advising Contact above).

Entering a Noninterview (NI) Record

It is sometimes useful to update a student's record even though no direct contact with the student occurred. Some examples of the appropriate use of this noninterview (NI) record include updating a student's DUS maximum-time status or updating an ETM pool.

To enter a noninterview record, key in the code NI in place of the adviser code. The rest of the fields are entered just as for any other record entry.

Important: If there is a previous entry on the screen, the student's explore code and curricular goal codes should be carried over from the previous entry (i.e., re-entered with the NI record). The “type of contact” code would be X.

Paging through Multiple ARUEA Screens

An almost limitless number of interview records can be recorded for a particular student, but only eight of those records can be displayed on one ARUEA screen at a time. To page backward chronologically through the records, press the F8 key. To page forward, press the F7 key. To jump to a specific page, enter the page number in the GO TO PAGE: field in the upper-right corner of the screen.