eLion Advising Notes and ISIS Screen ARUEA

Summarizing Advising Contacts

Curricular Goal

A student's curricular goal is (1) the majors/options that the student intends to enroll or remain in or (2) the group of colleges/majors/options that the student is exploring the possibility of enrolling in.

For students who are not exploring academic programs, the curricular goal is usually a single major (and its official option, if any).

For students who are already in a major, the curricular goal is that major unless the student is planning or contemplating a change out of that major.

For students who are already in or are planning concurrent majors, the curricular goals are those majors (and options, if any); the Explore code is N.

For those students who are exploring, up to three different colleges, majors, and options can be recorded for each advising contact. At least one college or major should be recorded for each advising contact, even if the student's curricular goals are only tentative. If the student is exploring more than three possible majors, the adviser should make a professional judgment as to which three curricular goal codes best summarize the student's curricular goals at that time.

DUS, PROV, NDEGC, and NDEGR are not curricular goals and cannot be entered as such on ARUEA or eLion.

Curricular Goal (MAJR-OPTN) Codes

For a list of undergraduate major and option codes, refer to the Penn State Degree Program Summary.