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College of Enrollment (COLL) Codes

These codes are used to record the student's college of enrollment at the outset of the interview. Note: These are college of enrollment codes, not campus codes. For example, a student could be enrolled in the Berks College but be taking classes at the Altoona campus, or be enrolled in the Altoona College but be taking classes at the University Park campus, etc.

College of Enrollment (COLL) Codes
AAArts and Architecture, College of
ABAbington College
AGAgricultural Sciences, College of
ALAltoona College
BABusiness, Smeal College of
BCPenn State Erie, the Behrend College
BLBerks College
CCUniversity College
CACapital College
CMCommunications, College of
DUDivision of Undergraduate Studies
EDEducation, College of
EMEarth and Mineral Sciences, College of
ENEngineering, College of
HHHealth and Human Development, College of
ICBachelor of Philosophy Program
ISInformation Sciences and Technology, College of
LALiberal Arts, College of the
NRNursing, School of
SCScience, Eberly College of
UNProvisional, nondegree, or not currently enrolled
WDWorld Campus