eLion Advising Notes and ISIS Screen ARUEA

Data Management

Data Entry Summary Sheet

This table summarizes the data entry process for recording an individual student contact on ISIS screen ARUEA. A similar process is used in the eLion Advising Notes application.

Data Entry Summary Sheet
Field Name Field Contents Data Entry


Date of the advising contact

Enter the date in this format: 030610


Adviser with whom the advising contact was made or scheduled

Enter the Adviser Code (e.g., ABC01) from screen ARUSAB


Student's college of enrollment at the beginning of the interview

Enter a college of enrollment code


Content of the advising contact

Enter up to five content codes



Enter up to two referral codes


Type of contact

Enter a code indicating the type of contact that occurred


Explore code: an indication of whether the student is still exploring majors or has definitely decided on a single major or concurrent majors

Enter Y (yes, exploring), N (no, not exploring), or T (terminal, not continuing at Penn State)


Student's curricular goals (colleges, majors, and options) at the conclusion of the interview

Enter up to three colleges and/or majors and any corresponding options; at least one curricular goal must be recorded for each contact, even if the student's goals are only tentative