eLion Advising Notes and ISIS Screen ARUEA

Summarizing Advising Contacts

Type of Contact

The “type of contact” codes allow advisers to categorize each advising contact by the manner in which the advising took place (e.g., individual interview, e-mail correspondence, telephone call, etc.) This does not mean that every contact with a student, including contacts made through listservs and mass mailings, must be recorded. This code simply gives advisers a way to indicate how the advising contacts they choose to record have been made.

Type of Contact (TC) Codes
CodeType of Contact
CContact with someone other than the student
EE-mail or other electronic communication
FFlier or other generic paper mailing
GGroup meeting
IIndividual interview, scheduled
OOut of office (in class, etc.)
TTelephone conversation
VVoice mail or answering machine
WWalk-in advising