Academic Advising

"The objectives of the University's academic advising program are to help advisees identify and achieve their academic goals, to promote their intellectual discovery, and to encourage students to take advantage of both in- and out-of-class educational opportunities in order that they become self-directed learners and decision makers." – University Faculty Senate 32-00

Academic advisers are crucial resources for Penn State students as they make academic decisions and navigate the University.

The Division of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) coordinates Penn State's academic advising information network, providing colleges and campuses ready access to information about academic programs, policies, and procedures. DUS serves as the University's largest unit of enrollment for first-year students and is an important advising resource for any student exploring academic options or considering a change in academic directions.

Students' academic adviser assignments can be located on eLion. In addition, every academic college and campus at Penn State maintains an advising center through which students can receive advising assistance.

Academic Advising Centers