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The different ways that people from around the world look, think, and act fascinated me as a child. Anthropology seemed like a natural fit when I went to the University of Wisconsin as an undergraduate. Initially, I thought I would focus my studies on the biological variation of humans, but after spending a year in Nepal on an education abroad program, I decided to become a cultural anthropologist. I took a few years off before starting graduate school to work for a medical software company and to travel in Asia.

My doctoral research focused on Islam in Central Asia, and my wife and I lived in and visited Kazakhstan for various amounts of time over a five-year period. After finishing my Ph.D., I taught at Indiana University. I love teaching and working with undergraduate students, and I took an academic adviser position at Penn State so I can continue working with students on their educational journeys.

In my spare time, I like to read with my daughter, watch TV with my wife, and play softball with my friends.


  • College Year in Nepal, University of Wisconsin
  • B.A., Anthropology and Languages & Cultures of Asia, University of Wisconsin
  • M.A., Anthropology, Indiana University
  • Ph.D., Anthropology, Indiana University

Current Position

Senior Undergraduate Studies Adviser

Research & Teaching Interests

Value development in undergraduate education

Contact Information

Office: 132 Grange Building
Phone: 814-865-7576
Fax: 814-863-8913