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Fairfield, Connecticut, was my hometown. I earned a bachelor of science degree at Drexel University and was confident of my goal to teach high school. During my senior year, I had a change of heart. Having had a good experience as an R.A. in the residence halls and on my co-op working in a dean's office, I decided to continue living/working in a university setting. I came to Penn State for a master's degree in counselor education, and worked in West Halls as an assistant coordinator. Life in Philly had been great, so my plan was to stay in Happy Valley just long enough to complete a degree and then go to work at a city school. But plans change. I earned my master's degree in 1977 and started working in DUS! More than thirty years later with a great job and a State College family, I guess Happy Valley is my home.

In addition to academic advising, I write the Undergraduate Advising Handbook and I am the program coordinator for Discover House, a special living option for exploratory students. In addition to my passion for academic advising, I am committed to community service and working for social justice. You're likely to see me riding my bike to Grange Building. Please say hi!


  • B.S. in Education, Drexel University
  • M.Ed. in Counselor Education, The Pennsylvania State University

Current Position

Senior Undergraduate Studies Adviser and Discover House Program Coordinator

Research & Teaching Interests

Values clarification

Contact Information

Office: 115 Grange Building
Phone: 814-865-7576
Fax: 814-863-8913